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Spring & Summer Beauty Prep

It's been a long winter as usual in the midwest and finally it's starting to feel like spring. We spend the brutal cold months stuck inside with dry heat which takes a toll on our skin and body. Now that it's warming up, I thought I'd go into my typical routine to prep for summer. For me, this means not only changing up my skin care regimen but exercising and eating a little healthier than usual. I try to eat a ton of protein and veggies and I typically try and stay away from carbs at night. Although sometimes I end up eating popcorn and pretzels after dinner but hey 80/20 right?! I've also stepped up the exersise routine and find that for me switching it up works best. HIIT workouts, weights, walking, running, tennis, barre, bike...whatever I can do to do to keep active. We all know what it's like to put on that bikini for the first time after being covered up for so long. UGH. I had to do this in March when we went on spring break after having a baby 5 months prior so I've already had to do it and let me tell you it wasn't fun! I was saved slightly by a spray tan which I think is worth the prep and not showering for a day. Although once it wore off I was less tan than when I got there, but a few tan days were better than nothing!


One thing I try to do everyday and especially before a spray tan is to thoroughly exfoliate my skin. The best method I've found for this is to use a dry brush. I try to do it once a day before I get in the shower. It's detoxifying and also helps stimulate the lymphatic system. You'll want to make sure to use a natural bristle brush (these can be found on Amazon or at any health food store) and start at your feet working circles over all of your limbs towards your heart. I've heard that it can help with cellulite too, which I'm not entirely sure I'm convinced of because lets face it, ITS STILL THERE but I'll keep trying.

For spring break we took a trip to a French island which is where my obsession for French pharmacies started. There are several on the island and usually I try and hit up all of them. This time we (ahem, Mike) forgot the kids suitcase at home, which caused immediate panic that only subsided when I ran to the pharmacy and was able to get everything I needed (diapers, wipes) and more beauty items that I could test out through the week. I wanted to review them for you since most are available on Amazon now.


I'm always in search of a good eye make up remover, and as I mentioned in my last post BIODERMA is awesome for taking off makeup but sometimes I still have a hard time taking off the stubborn mascara and eye shadow. Growing up my Mom always used Johnson's baby oil to take hers off and it always worked so well and she never had a lot of wrinkles around her eyes so I was convinced it was partly good genes and partly baby oil! Anyway, I found this KLORANE waterproof eye makup remover with soothing cornflower and I love it. I'm still using it and will probably order again. It doesn't irritate and is oily but doesn't leave a ton of greasy film on my eye. I also fell in love with their deodorant as well. Super gentle and effective.

The other item that I've been using for years that I stocked up on and is also available on Amazon is Homeoplasmine. It's kind of like a thicker version of Aquafor or Vaseline, doesn't have a scent and one tube lasts forever. I use it on lips, cuts, and it works great for babies diaper rash too.


To me the best part about being near the ocean and in a tropical location is having beach hair. I can swim in the ocean, shower and my usual fine, limp, straight hair can be left to air dry and still looks decent without a curling iron, blow dryer, straightener, and 5 products. Over the last few years there's been a huge influx of products that promise that beach-y hair and I've tried a lot of them always trying to recreate that ocean hair. Some work ok and some are just a little too beach-y for me and tend to weigh it down. At this time in my life having baby, I actually "do" my hair about once a week. So I'd like to think I have a ton of experience in lazy hair department. A product that works great for me is R&CO CACTUS shampoo, available at The Zealous Root. I love this stuff. If you want a little gritty texture, all you really need is this shampoo and not much product if any. I find it counter-productive to condition afterwards thus defeating the purpose of texture, so if I feel my hair needs conditioner I'll do that first, and then shampoo with it. It smells fantastic too.

Another product also available at TZR is Oribe Matte Waves. What I like about this is that instead of a salty, drying spray, this is a light lotion so it feels really moisturizing. I apply it to damp hair and let it air dry. It usually leaves me with a little wave and makes it feel thick which is nearly impossible for my stick straight hair!

I've purchased some new products that I'll think you guys will love and I'll be reviewing in the next couple of weeks and also received a couple of facials that I want to tell you that involved slathering my own blood on my face. (I know, right?) I'll be back!

xx Lisa

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